Jennifer Gerlock

Public Speaker, Blogger, Event Planner


Be Daring. Be Different.

A marketer, a mom. A PR pro, a perfectionist. Fleet of foot, sharp of wit, keen of focus. Able to juggle deadlines, help with homework, complete marathons, write captivating copy, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I’m a Maryland girl, born and raised, and have spent more than 17 years giving my all in the realm of marketing, public relations & event planning. My clients have run the gamut from small, mission-based businesses to nationally-recognized brands. I’m the mom of two kinetically energetic boys whose enthusiasm for life and fun knows no bounds, so I’m more than well-armed for anything anyone in the business world can throw at me. (Seriously.)

I specialize in crafting creative campaigns for companies with vision, companies who want to make a difference, companies who want to foster change and new ways of thinking. I have a passion for the unusual and a thirst for the unconventional.

Right now, I’m leading the marketing charge at Graphcom, Inc., a full-service creative and interactive agency based in Gettysburg, PA. When I’m not juggling watermelons, bowling balls & chainsaws there, I can be found blogging on any number of lifestyle sites, training for my latest marathon adventure or mainlining copious quantities of coffee.

  • Affiliations

    Where I hang my many hats:

    Social Media Club of Frederick, Co-Director

    American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick, Board Member

    Momz Share, Co-Founder

  • Blog

    Blogger. Muser. Inspiration Whisperer.

    I’m the chief scribe at Hip As I Wanna Be, a personal memoir & lifestyle blog where I ponder the random, consider the contrary, and map out the life of a working mom with a penchant for fitness, self-help, and family life.

    Hip as I Wanna Be ››

  • Public Speaking

    Life’s paths are filled with myriad twists & turns. Let’s explore them.

    I love sharing my experiences with other women (and men, too!) I’d love to speak to your group about social media marketing, blogger outreach and personal branding.

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